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Entertainment - Musical Entertainment In All Settings And All Cultures

There are very few people who can honestly say they don't like to listen to music. No matter what type of music you like, the availability of the internet means you can buy or listen to the music that fits your style. There are so many web sites that have music links or musical downloads that you can listen to. visit us

Those people who like cultural selections from Brazil, for example can type in the word Brazil dance or Brazil music in the YouTube search field and watch many pieces that fit that category. You can choose Indian music if you prefer or music from almost any culture in the world, you can find examples on the internet. It's interesting to see how dance and music sequences are treated in various cultures.

Some pieces of music you listen to are hard to enjoy without wanting to dance. Some of the joyous Irish pieces for example would be hard to listen to and remain in a melancholy mood. Still one wonders how there can be so much energy during the music and dance known as Celtic or Irish.

Straight instrumental music is popular in many cultures. You can listen to everything from symphonies to classical guitar music. On the lighter side, there are music pieces that feature one man bands or novelty instruments such as the kazoo. At the other end of the spectrum is the big bands and rock and roll groups.

Music is used not only for entertainment, but has been shown to have physical and psychological impact on a person as well. Music in a minor key, for example will often sound sad or mournful, while some chords are almost a signature sound for various rock groups. Because different musical scales are used by different cultures, you can often feel a different atmosphere or personality reflected when you listen to music from China as compared to music from Ireland.

Whatever your country of origin or whatever type of music you prefer to listen to, you can now find examples in recordings. Everything from drum solos to full symphonic orchestra now can be found and purchased. What's more there are many ways in which you can listen. Radio and music videos are obvious choices, but you can also listen to your favorite pieces with an MP3 player. Many mobile phones today allow you to download and play your favorite music pieces.

Probably the most complete experience in music enjoyment no matter what your favorite music type is, is to attend a concert. You can sit back in a comfortable seat in a concert hall and enjoy the full sound of a top symphonic orchestra where the sounds of the various instruments are carefully tuned and balanced so that you can pick up the emotion of the music.

Alternatively, you can attend a soul thumping rock concert where you feel the bass reverberating in your back teeth. The lights and energy of the audience adds to the total experience so that more than one sense is involved than hearing.
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